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Warragul Automotive are Wheel Alignment specialists. If you need a wheel alignment call us today or fill in our handy contact form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to answer your questions.

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How do I know if my wheels need aligning?

If your wheels are not correctly aligned you could observe signs like your steering wheel pulling or dragging to one side, side to side sometimes or sometimes it can just seem ‘off-centre'.  If your tyres look like they are wearing out unevenly that's also a sign that you wheels could need aligning. The decline of your wheel alignment can sometimes be so gradual you barely notice the change in the way your car drives, but you can definitely notice the  improvement once your tyres are re-aligned.

What is a wheel alignment?

A Wheel alignment is the precise measuring and adjusting of all four wheels on your car to make sure that they are perfectly parallel to each other and perfectly aligned with the road surface.

Why do I need to align the wheels on my car?

If your wheels don't all face exactly the same way this creates a ‘pulling' effect from that wheel which can affect your suspension, your steering and even the overall safety of your vehicle. Badly misaligned tyres can sometimes a very noticeable effect on steering ability- and could even cause you to have difficulty controlling your car altogether. Not what you want when you're enjoying a cruise down a country road or zipping round city corners, but especially dangerous in emergency situations if you have to brake or swerve suddenly to avoid an accident or an obstruction in the road.

Why don't my wheels stay aligned?

So many things can affect your cars wheel alignment. General wear and tear, rough driving, bumpy roads, potholes, and speed humps can all affect your wheel alignment.

Can I do my wheel alignment myself ?

Steering  issues are not always related to wheel alignment. Tyre problems, Brakes and Power steering can also be responsible. To be safe it's always advisable to see a professional  wheel alignment specialist to determine the cause.


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